Contact Lenses: Choosing Between Daily or Monthly

Contact Lenses: Choosing Between Daily or Monthly

Contact Lenses: Choosing Between Daily or Monthly

Contact Lenses: Choosing Between Daily or Monthly

Contact Lenses: Choosing Between Daily or Monthly

Has your eye doctor informed you that you need corrective lenses to fix your vision? Or maybe you have been wearing glasses for a while and want to switch to contacts. There are good reasons why many people choose to wear contact lenses. 


Contacts are convenient, and you can move freely and perform any activity without worrying about glasses falling off. When you decide to get contact lenses, you need to choose between daily or monthly.


Daily or Monthly Contacts


Daily contact lenses, also called daily disposables, are lenses that are worn all day and thrown away after use. You open a fresh pack each morning to wear for the day. Daily lenses are thin and do not have to be cleaned or stored after use. They contain plenty of water, and if you remove them during the day, you cannot wear the same pair again. 


Monthly contacts are thicker than daily lenses. They are more durable, and the same pair is used every day for a month. They do not dry out with ease. You remove and store the lenses in lens solution until the next day. 


Your Lens Prescription


One of the factors to consider when choosing between daily and monthly contacts is your lens prescription. Your prescription will determine the types you get. If you require multifocal lenses, you can only get them in monthly. It is vital to ensure that you have a prescription that is up to date before getting contacts. 


Cost of the Contacts

When choosing contacts, you need to think about the cost. If you opt for daily contact lenses, you will pay more for them than you would for monthly contacts. If you wear contacts every day, it can be a costly option with 365 pairs of contacts each year. 


By contrast, monthly contacts require you to use 12 pairs per year. However, you will need to buy a contact lens solution to clean your monthly lenses. The cost of the lenses will depend on the brand that you choose. 


Consider Your Lifestyle


An important consideration when choosing lenses is your lifestyle. Think about the activities that you participate in each day. If you play sports, daily contacts could be your best option. 


You can remove and throw away the lenses if something gets in your eye. If you travel a lot, you will not need to carry cleaning solutions with the daily disposables. Monthlies are ideal for people with a more laid-back lifestyle. 


Your Age and Eye Health


Age is a factor when choosing contacts. Dailies are ideal for young people who might lose their contacts and not clean contacts properly. The wearer should be mature and responsible in taking good care of monthly contacts. 


Talk to your eye doctor about the best contacts for you based on your eye health. Your eye health will determine the most suitable lenses for you. The doctor will inform you of the options available. When choosing contacts, consider your comfort, preference, frequency of wearing them, and eye allergies. 


For more on choosing between daily or monthly contact lenses, contact Nappanee Family Eyecare at our office in Nappanee, Indiana. You can call (574) 319-9390 today to schedule an appointment.

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